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Information on Carver County:

In March of 1855, Carver County was organized by the Minnesota Territorial Legislature.  The original county seat was San Francisco Township but in 1856 voters moved it to Chaska.  Much of the east central part of Minnesota, including Carver County, was covered by the Big Woods; a dense forest of oak, elm, maple and cottonwood trees. The density of the Big Woods made it difficult for early settlers to clear the land for farming.


Marriages submitted by Researchers

Groom Bride Date Location Submitted by:
Christian Friedrich Buerkle Christina Kappis 6 December 1857 Benton Karen Helfert
Johann Martin Bentz Elizabetha Kappis 24 December 1858 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Casten Heinrich Dietrich Ohland Anna Margaretha Strebel 24 March 1862 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Johann Buckentin Anna Elizabeth Ludwig 24 April 1862 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Hermann Wilhelm Banke Pauline Strissel 11 April 1866 Carver Karen Helfert
Frederick Ohland Marie Reinke 29 October 1871 Benton Karen Helfert
Diedrich Stoeckmann Marie Dorothea "Doretta" Tanke 7 July 1876 Young America Karen Helfert
John Heinrich Frederich Mueffelmann Dorothea Maria Dreier 1 February 1878 Hamburg Karen Helfert
John Bentz Johanah "Annie" Jaus 01 May 1879 Hamburg Karen Helfert
William Casten Luehring Augusta Sophie Tuchtenhagen 21 April 1879 Carver Karen Helfert
Theodore Mueller Anna Buckentin about 1880 Carver Karen Helfert
Friedrich Telthoester Magdalena Gruenhagen 15 July 1880 Hancock Karen Helfert
Henry Johann Heinrich Christoph Dreier Meta Schumacher 10 April 1885 Hamburg Karen Helfert
William John Buck Marie Behrmann 04 May 1886 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Johann Heinrich FF Buckentin Louisa Albertine Tuchtenhagen 06 May 1886 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Friedrich Heinrich Dammann Maria Maack 28 May 1886 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Henry Casten Buerkle Dorothea Anna Maria "Dora" Dreier 10 February 1887 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Henry Johann Heinrich Christoph Dreier Lena Bartels 7 March 1887 Hamburg Karen Helfert
William Fred Wetter Hulda Elizabeth Kraus 12 April 1887 Hollywood Karen Helfert
Albert Luttke Henrietta Mackenthun 26 May 1887 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Johann Frederick "Fritz" Dreier Sophia Mary Dorothea Ortlepp 16 May 1888 Hamburg Karen Helfert
William H Ohland Marie Sophia Dreier 29 June 1888 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Wilhelm "Willie" Kamps Senior Sophie G Klancke 22 June 1888 Norwood Karen Helfert
Carl Frederick Wilhelm Zuehl Emelia L Mielke 19 February 1889 Camden Karen Helfert
Otto Johann Heinrich Ohland Katherine Baumeister 16 March 1890 Hamburg Karen Helfert
George Georg Cristoph Ohland Anna Marie Sophie Behrmann 25 June 1891 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Frederick Fritz Mackenthun Dorothea Doris Anna Klancke 22 October 1891 Benton Karen Helfert
Diedrich Mackenthun Magdalena "Lena" Harms 05 May 1892 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Dietrich Friedrich Heinrich Thiesfeld Anna Dorothea Bargmann 07 April 1893 Hamburg Karen Helfert
John Karl Mueller Mary Sophia Mackenthun 11 May 1893 Norwood Karen Helfert
Fred Dietrich Klancke Ida M Mackenthun 24 August 1893 Benton Karen Helfert
Henry William J Buckentin Magdalene "Lena" Dreier 26 October 1893 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Heinrich Wilhelm Dreier Anna Buckentin 04 May 1894 Hamburg Karen Helfert
John Julius Boelter Clara Carolina Kraus 1 June 1897 Chanhassen Karen Helfert
Dietrich Dreier Sophie Mueller 26 September 1901 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Frederick H Telthoester Lydia Caroline Christine Neuhaus 21 April 1903 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Henry Mix Ellen Ella Tesch 17 September 1903 Hollywood Twp Karen Helfert
Henry Mueller Martha Lena Maria Dreier 06 June 1906 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Fred G Bergman Emma M Oelfke 28 October 1906 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Gustave William Wischnack Elizabeth Wilhelmine "Lisbeth" Kohls 23 April 1907 Cologne Karen Helfert
Ernest Oelfke Christine Gruenhagen 25 April 1912 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Louis Karl Hebeisen Emma Marie Dreier 15 September 1912 Hamburg Karen Helfert
William Henry Herman Menzel Helen "Lena" Buckentin 12 May 1913 Hamburg Karen Helfert
John Carl Heinrich Leubke Ella Dorothea Dreier 02 November 1913 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Reuben Adolph Tesch Esther L Gongoll 22 April 1914 Mayer Karen Helfert
Friedrich Christ Hebeisen Lydia Sophie Dreier 24 May 1915 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Fred Carl Kohls Helen D Groenke 09 March 1916 Benton Twp Karen Helfert
Albert William Dammann Christine Emilie AM Buckentin 18 November 1917 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Harris Herman Tesch Gertrude C Gongoll 25 December 1918 Mayer Karen Helfert
Heinrich Hermann FGH Thiesfeld Elisa M "Lizzie" Buckentine 28 October 1919 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Herbert Heinrich Buckentin Emma Sophia Mackenthun 16 November 1919 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Friedrich Wilhelm August Dietrich Dreier Bertha Ohland 27 April 1920 Carver Karen Helfert
Carl Charles Benjamin Tesch Florence Gongoll 25 December 1920 Mayer Karen Helfert
Ernest Zumhofe Bertha Dreier 15 May 1921 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Henry F Oelfke Martha Tanke 31 May 1921 Hamburg Karen Helfert
John Friedrich Buckentin Bertha Dorothea Dammann 05 June 1921 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Henry F Ortlepp Ida Louise Anna Buckentin 26 June 1921 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Fred W Oelfke Hilda Stoeckmann 01 September 1921 Hamburg Karen Helfert
William Albers Livia Lydia A M Oelfke 22 January 1922 Hamburg Karen Helfert
George Jr Fuhrhop Helena Marie Oelfke 08 April 1923 Hamburg Karen Helfert
William Arthur Dreier Hattie Panning 09 October 1925 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Otto F Buckentine Wilhelmine "Minnie" Anna Mehlhop 19 September 1926 Hamburg Karen Helfert
William Harjes Adele "Della" S Thalman 21 April 1929 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Robert Karl Engelmann Anna Catharina Kamps 26 June 1930 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Irwin A Splettstoesser Myrtle E Oestreich 25 November 1930 Watertown Karen Helfert
Fred Henry Dammann Selma Helene Auguste Zinke 11 June 1933 Hamburg Karen Helfert
Henry F Mehlhop Emma Reimann 19 April 1941 Norwood Karen Helfert
Edward Stoeckmann Edna B Dammann 03 February 1944 Hamburg Karen Helfert


Index to Carver County Marriage Records

Groom Bride Date of Marriage Filename Submitted by:
 Edward Fabel Celia Rudow 01 May 1884 faberudo.txt Thea M. Sands
Herman Peschken Gertrude Fabel 24 October 1906 pescfabe.txt Thea M. Sands
Oscar Sands Lydia Fabel 18 November 1908 sandfabe.txt Thea M. Sands



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Name Years married Filename Submitted by:

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