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Information on Cottonwood County:

Cottonwood County is located in southern Minnesota.  Cottonwood was first created in 1857. Cottonwoods county seat is Windom.
It's cities, towns and communities include:   Bingham Lake, Delft, Jeffers, Mountain Lake, Murdock, Storden and Windom.  Cottonwood County is located in southern Minnesota. 


Marriages submitted by Researchers

Groom Bride Date Location Submitted by:
John Reimer Maria Penner 19 January 1879 Mountain Lake J. Reimer
Jacob John Reimer Hilda Hammer 22 June 1910 Mountain Lake J. Reimer
John A Stoesz Katherine Fast 19 March 1913 Mountain Lake Sherryl Warren
Nicolei Toews Marie Stoesz 14  September 1923 Mountain Lake Sherryl Warren
Peter A Stoesz Anna Friesen 26 June 1924 Mountain Lake Sherryl Warren
John E Stoesz Anna Peters 13 September 1925 Mountain Lake Sherryl Warren
Jacob W Sawatzky Helen Pankratz 02 December 1926 Mountain Lake Sherryl Warren
Peter C Harder Helen Falk 31 March 1927 Mountain Lake Sherryl Warren
Cornelius B Friesen Anna Stoesz 30 June 1927 Mountain Lake Sherryl Warren
William Friesen Elizabeth Feil 11 August 1929 Mountain Lake Sherryl Warren
Henry Stoesz Margaret Harder 13 November 1929 Delft Sherryl Warren
Jacob N Sawatzky Helen Quiring 01 July 1930 Mountain Lake Sherryl Warren
Edman E Stoesz Mathilda Klassen 10 June 1931 Mountain Lake Sherryl Warren
Abram P Balzer Susan A  Stoesz 03 September 1931 Mountain Lake Sherryl Warren
Peter S Harder Mary G Quiring 15 June 1932 Mountain Lake Sherryl Warren
Roland Rempel Mary Ann Flaming 15 August 1934 Bingham Lake Sherryl Warren
Jacob S Harder Elizabeth G Quiring 09 October 1935 Mountain Lake Sherryl Warren
Abraham Wiens Anna Stoesz 19 October 1935 Mountain Lake Sherryl Warren
Harvey Sawatzky Marilyn Kelley 26 May 1951 Comfrey Sherryl Warren
Alden "Chuck" Stoesz Verona Eitzen 21 August 1952 Mountain Lake Sherryl Warren


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