Hennepin County Marriages


Information on Hennepin County:

Hennepin County was formed in 1852.  The county seat is Minneapolis. The history of Hennepin County (and the Twin City metro area) began at the Fort Snelling-Mendota-St. Paul hub where the Minnesota River flows into the Mississippi.  



Marriages submitted by Researchers

Groom Bride Date Location Submitted by:
Johan Frithiof Landeen Carrie Videen 15 August 1875 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
Adolph Gustaf Seiter Augusta Lindemann 17 October 1876 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
Herbert Lincoln Bowen Florence Anna Mills 14 July 1878 Armstrong Carole Wilcox
William P Becker Anna Lepeska 12 August 1890 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
Albert Walter Fiman Emma Augusta Lehmann 23 December 1896 St. Paul Gary and Sherry Putz
Gustoff Wrobbel Maggie Ethel Bowen 02 May 1900 Armstrong Carole Wilcox
Derescus Ritchie LeaEtta Wallace Bowen 25 December 1901 Jenkins Carole Wilcox
William George Schulenberg Olive G Grendahl 24 March 1902 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
John Frank Bruzek Mary Anna Holub 11 February 1903 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
Mannie Daniel Swenson Annie Josephine Hultberg 26 February 1905 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
Paul Nordland Larson Thelma Sylvia Larsen 15 April 1905 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
Harry C. Petersen Ella Seland 21 November 1906 Minneapolis Heather Shepard
Harry M. Benjamin Florence Emily Bowen 03 July 1907 Jenkins Carole Wilcox
Frank Behrendt Anna Mollner 12 August 1907 Minneapolis Heather Shepard
Herman Rudolph Brockoff Lydia Louise Bertha Ziegler 07 December 1907 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
Phillip Mannie Swenson Lillian Hannah Lundquist 08 May 1918 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
 Nicholas Pachan Mary Anna Podoinsky 1920 Minneapolis Cleve Brown
Ralph Helmer Hegman Myrtle Marie Welch 25 January 1920 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
Reuben Ludvig Melander Helen Clara Elizabeth Swenson 19 June 1920 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
Robert John Bullock Mathilda Louise Moritz 27 November 1921 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
Harold William Boerner Alma Elsa Moskop 01 May 1925 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
Herbert August David Ludwig Fenske Bertha Johanna A Tuchtenhagen 11 May 1927 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
Celsta Propp Nordahl Peterson 18 January 1928 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
Nordahl Peterson Celsta Propp 18 January 1928 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
John Joseph Beikler  Odella Marie Pouliot 23 April 1929 Dayton Gail Schultz
Carlton Larsen Frances Vera Margaret Carlson 28 September 1932 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
Ernest F "Ernie" Ohland Esther Alice Heckenliable 06 August 1934 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
Donald Arthur Sander Ardeth Eileen Olson 05 June 1937 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
William E Bostinick? Grace Marianna Marian Hegman 21 June 1943 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
Ralph Helmer Hegman Junior Katherine Claire Olson 19 July 1943 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
Graham Bronsdon Cross Grace Marianna Marian Hegman 18 January 1947 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
Richard Rhodes Patricia Hegman 15 November 1950 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
Arthur O Wenholz Anna W Bertha Tuchtenhagen 18 December 1951 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
Joseph J Thomes Maxine Burnice Steffer 30 May 1953 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
Thomas Fred Borman Karol Sandra Steffer 01 May 1954 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
Adolph Gustav Bemmels Ethel Haight Hutchin 06 April 1958 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
Gary Richard Hauck Mary Claire Hegman 25 June1966 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
Darrell Keith Chayer JoAnne Kay Tambornino 01 July 1966 Hennepin Jo Tambornino Chayer
Ralph Helmer Hegman III Patricia "Patty" Jo Erkel 16 March 1968 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
James Paul Mario Hegman Susan Carol Way 17 June 1977 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
Manuel Francisco Fogg Elizabeth Mary Ann Hegman 02 January 1982 Minneapolis Karen Helfert
Mohammed El Sayed El Deeb Margaret Mary Gabrielle Hegman 30 July 1983 Minneapolis Karen Helfert


Index to Hennepin County Marriage Records

Groom Bride Date of Marriage Filename Submitted by:
 John A. Sand Jennie Vold 1875 sandvold.txt Thea M. Sand


Index to Hennepin County Anniversary Announcements

Name Years married Filename Submitted by:

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