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Isanti County was first created in 1857 and is located in east central Minnesota. .  It's county seat is Cambridge. The cities, towns and communities include:   Andree, Athens, Blomford, Bodum, Bradford, Braham, Cambridge, Crown, Dalbo, Day, Elm Park, Grandy, Isanti, Spencer Brook, Spring Lake, Springvale, Stanchfield, Stanley, Oxlip, Walbo, Weber and West Point. 


Marriages submitted by Researchers

Groom Bride Date Location Submitted by:
John Enquist (Engquist) Mary Jackson 20 January 1875 Cambridge Janet Williams
Olof Sandberg Caroline Engquist 09 Deember 1875 Anoka Janet Williams
John George Rydlund Mathilda Engqvist (Engquist) 21 January 1878 Bradford Janet Williams
Charles Alburn Stauty Caroline Marie Pearson  11 February 1879 Cambridge Pat Wilkerson
Charles August Engquist Elmina Christine Berg 15 February 1885 Bradford Janet Williams
Elmer Westman Delia Backman 25 May 1918 Cambridge Irene Hauner
Andrew Larson Beda Ledberg 29 January 1919 Isanti Irene Hauner
Victor Backman Mertel Becklin 22 February 1919 Isanti Irene Hauner
Frank Anderson Lily Erickson 01 March 1919 Isanti Irene Hauner
Leo Becklin Hilda Victoria Beckman 24 December 1919 Isanti Irene Hauner



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