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Information on McLeod County:

McLeod County was created in 1856.  Glencoe is the county seat.  It's cities and towns include:  Brownton, Glencoe, Hutchinson, Lester Prairie, Plato, Silver Lake, Sumter and Winsted


Marriages submitted by Researchers

Groom Bride Date Location Submitted by:
Albert Prieve Mary Hartwig 22 January 1877 Hutchinson Karen Helfert
Diedrich Stoeckmann Catherine Wilhelmina Tanke 23 November 1877 Helen Karen Helfert
Albert Joecks Anna Hartwig 2 April 1880 Hutchinson Karen Helfert
Herman Joecke Magdelena Hartwig 7 November 1884 Hutchinson Karen Helfert
John Hartwig Martha Froemming 31 December 1885 Hutchinson Karen Helfert
August Rebehn Emelia Hartwig 31 October 1887 Hutchinson Karen Helfert
Henry Froemming Martha Hartwig 20 November 1889 Hutchinson Karen Helfert
Diedrich Stoeckmann Emma Lux 10 June 1890 Helen Karen Helfert
Josef Safr Mrs. Franziska Bohac 16 June 1890 Glencoe Gary and Sherry Putz
Frederick Hartwig Hannah Froemming 21 October 1890 Hutchinson Karen Helfert
William Frederick Paul Maria Clara Klaustermeier 08 September 1897 Lester Prairie Karen Helfert
Franz Hermann Carl "Frank" Wendland Ida Albertine Caroline Pautz 22 September 1897 Penn Township Karen Helfert
Theodore Kujas Mary Faurenbaugh about 1900 McLeod Karen Helfert
Henry A Hoernermann Dorothea Auguste Keusemann 26April 1901 Helen Karen Helfert
August Keusemann Emma Johanna Sophie Graupmann 07 June 1901 Plato Karen Helfert
Hermann W H Ostermann Ottilia Bullert 13 June 1901 Brownton Karen Helfert
Carl Martin "Charles" Spiering Martha Kujas 11 October 1901 Penn Township Karen Helfert
Paul Polzin Ida Fredericka Lindemann 10 March 1905 Penn Township Karen Helfert
Frederick John Bodie Caroline Amelia Homuth Jensen 21 March 1905 Biscay Karen Helfert
Arthur H Draeger Elda Clara Ostermann 10 April 1905 Brownton Karen Helfert
Clarence E Kottke Della Schleeter 17 April 1905 Brownton Karen Helfert
Friedrich "Fred" Pautz Martha Spaude 03 May 1905 Penn Township Karen Helfert
Joseph Heinrich Graupmann Wilhelmine Anna Keusemann 22 December 1905 McLeod Karen Helfert
Carl Jahnke Anna Louise Keusemann 02 February 1910 Plato Karen Helfert
Arthur Frederick Sander Esther Daisey Becker 18 January 1911 Hutchinson Karen Helfert
August Wroge Sophie Keusemann 11 May 1911 McLeod Karen Helfert
William August Roepke Ella Rosalina Spiering 20 September 1911 Brownton Karen Helfert
Edward Schugg Louise Keusemann 20 February 1912 Plato Karen Helfert
Joseph Albert Washena  Emmiline "Emily" Safr Kastanek 26 June 1912 Silverlake Gary and Sherry Putz
Emil Carl William Spiering Martha Bullert 25 September 1912 Brownton Karen Helfert
John Charles Lipke Marie Proehl 16 September 1913 Stewart Karen Helfert
Frank A S Abraham Junior Hedwig Dorothea Bertha Spiering 20 October 1916 Brownton Karen Helfert
August Wilhelm Herman Spiering Jessie Emmaline Francis 30 November 1916 Hutchinson Karen Helfert
Otto Ernest Spiering Margaret Nieberle 30 November 1916 Hutchinson Karen Helfert
Paul Peter Kroehler Ella Pauline Janke 20 June 1917 Biscay Karen Helfert
Arthur W Ohland Ida Quade 03 May 1922 Hutchinson Karen Helfert
Gustav August Thiel Hulda M Paul 14 January 1923 Lester Prairie Karen Helfert
Edwin Spiering Zelda Dora Rennecke 21 December 1923 Brownton Karen Helfert
Ferdinand Luehrs Esther Louise Bertha Koester 18 April 1926 Helen Karen Helfert
Milton Edward Alwin Verna Ethfred Torbert 21 September 1926 Hutchinson Karen Helfert
Herbert A Oelfke FriedaNeske 05February 1928 McLeod Karen Helfert
George Conrad Bluhm Rozella Louise Froemming 28 September 1928 Hutchinson Karen Helfert
Adolf Fimon Felecia Safr 06 October 1928 McLeod Gary and Sherry Putz
Carl Martin "Charles" Spiering Adeline Alvina Wegner 19 February 1929 Stewart Karen Helfert
Emil Christian Bullert Gertrude Emma Koester 30 April 1930 Glencoe Karen Helfert
Albert Henry Edwin Sander Dora Marie Wolter 25 May 1930 Hutchinson Karen Helfert
Elwin William Stuedemann Julia Ann Bertha Paul 17 February 1931 Lester Prairie Karen Helfert
John Henry Stoeckmann Ruth Uecker 15 April 1931 Penn Township Karen Helfert
Gustave Otto Zuehl Lillian Olga Paul 13 June 1933 Lester Prairie Karen Helfert
Henry Fritz Micke Mildred Mesenbring 20 June1934 Glencoe Karen Helfert
Lester Henry Lipke Evelyn Lucille Juul 27 May 1938 Hutchinson Karen Helfert
Lester William "Les" Buckentin Luella Miller 12 May 1946 Plato Karen Helfert
Donald Frederick Sitz Hazel Marie Sander 18 May 1952 Hutchinson Karen Helfert
Everett Fred Bullert Ruby Delores Sander 20 August 1960 Hutchinson Karen Helfert
Arnold Albert Lemke Lillian Olga Paul 05 January 1980 Lester Prairie Karen Helfert


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