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Information on Ramsey County:

Ramsey County was formed in 1849. The county seat is St. Paul.  The history of Ramsey County (and the Twin City metro area) began at the Fort Snelling-Mendota-St. Paul hub where the Minnesota River flows into the Mississippi.  Today, this hub is in Hennepin, Ramsey, and Dakota Counties.


\Marriages submitted by Researchers

Groom Bride Date Location Submitted by:
Julius Fenske Ernstine Baickhaart 23 October 1855 St Paul Karen Helfert
Edward Sweeney Honora O'Shea 17 November 1856 St. Paul Audrey Leonard
Cashamer Julius Geib Maria Schneider 27 May 1858 Ramsey Karen Helfert
Louis Touchette Marie-Louise Marcil 27 November 1860 St Paul Claudie Miniken
Patrick McDermott Kate Keegan 07 January 1867 Ramsey Patricia (McDermott) Hardwicke
William Geib Laura Liepke 13 May 1869 Ramsey Karen Helfert
Jonas Sunquist Erica Greot 04 May 1870 Ramsey Karen Helfert
August Herman Blase Anna Marie Kernkamp 03 October 1883 St Paul Karen Helfert
Richard Alfred Hibbert Isabella Octavia LeClair 20 September 1894 St Paul Dolores Melby Hibbert
Otto Kober Emma Sohm 20 February 1886 Ramsey Karen Helfert
Benjamin Franklin Kernkamp Hattie Annie Louise Temme 23 April 1891 St Paul Karen Helfert
Oscar Charles Hegman Elizabeth Mathilda Widing 21 March 1905 St Paul Karen Helfert
August Garf Biebighauser Alforetta Christina Pepper 15 April 1908 St Paul Karen Helfert
Ralph Ruben Biebighauser Selma Fredericka Anderson 23 July 1908 St Paul Karen Helfert
Henry Ellis Howe Hulda Wilhelmina Lickfett 01 Februay 1909 St Paul Karen Helfert
Howard C H MD Kernkamp Edna Marie Mahle 07 June 1917 St Paul Karen Helfert
Harry Gail Howatt Mildred Harriet Kernkamp 07 February 1920 St Paul Karen Helfert
Dr John C Sr Whitacre Maria M B Moede Abt 1926 St Paul Karen Helfert
Morton Blackmore Jameson Bernice Gertrude Kernkamp 02 August 1927 St Paul Karen Helfert
Reuben Jacob Rieke Caroline M Bahr 26 September 1932 St Paul Karen Helfert
George Benzel Lois Lavora Biebighauser 23 October 1937 St Paul Karen Helfert


Index to Ramsey County Marriage Records

Groom Bride Date of Marriage Filename Submitted by:
 John A Davern Jennie Davern 1903 jjdavern.txt Kathryn Kelly


Index to Ramsey County Anniversary Announcements

Name Years married Filename Submitted by:



Title Filename Submitted by
Article on Old Marriage Records (1913) marriage.txt Kathryn Kelly

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