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Information on St. Louis County:

Located in Northeastern Minnesota, St. Louis County is the largest county east of the Mississippi, covering 6,860 square miles from Orr to Duluth, and from Hibbing to Ely. St. Louis County is known for its spectacular natural beauty, including a national forest and a national park, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, four state parks and 500 lakes.

Marriages submitted by Researchers

Groom Bride Date Location Submitted by:
Fred (Fritz) Reed Mary Christina Boetger 28 March 1886 Duluth Carolyn
Esais (Hyyppa) Johnson Liisa Adolphina Nikula 30 May 1887 Duluth Colleen
John Wilenius Eva Johanna Blom 28 July 1907 Chisholm Gene Wilenius
Anton Matetic Angeline (Angela) Gornick 21 July 1909 Virginia Yvonne Matetich
Blaz Biondic Katarina Spahic 01 August 1911 Gilbert Diane
Norman E Lamond Lillias A Macaskill abt 1915/16 Duluth Patricia
Paul Johannes Hansen Estella Charlotte Graham 20 December 1920 Hibbing Gene Wilenius
Ray Libertis Walters Florence E Davidson December 1923 Hibbing Gene Wilenius
Melvin Ingvy Lyckholm Mae Elida Takala 01 November 1927 Cook Gene Wilenius
Gust Johan Helbacka Lulu Alina Kultala 18 July 1928 Ely Colleen 
Rolland Earling Walters Evelyn Beatrice Lyckholm 10 April 1934 Side Lake Gene Wilenius
Swen Wilenius Maybelle Gladys Hawkinson 01 July 1934 Cook Gene Wilenius
Phillip William Walters Delores Mary Ryan 1936 Hibbing Gene Wilenius
Reino Nordlund Helen Wilenius 06 May 1936 Cook Gene Wilenius
Alton Reuban Nord Adelyne Annie Lyckholm 1937 Hibbing Gene Wilenius
John Erwin Wilenius Mae Victoria Frank 10 October 1937 Cook Gene Wilenius
Ernest John Minelli Delores Margarite Kearney 03 September 1938 Hibbing Gene Wilenius
Thomas E Dorgan Adelyne Annie Lyckholm 15 September 1939   Gene Wilenius
Nicholas Earl Woitel Ruth Katherine Walters 25 May 1940 Hibbing Gene Wilenius
Leo Hans Wilenius Esther Tuohinen 05 October 1941 Celina Gene Wilenius
Norman Gordon Walters Sylvia Johanna Kakela 21 June 1941 Hibbing Gene Wilenius
Eugene Joseph Grady Eathel Maxine Hansen 29 April 1944 Hibbing Gene Wilenius
Dominic Potami Adelyne Annie Lyckholm 1945 Hibbing Gene Wilenius
William Harding Dibble Verda Louise Lyckholm 1946 Hibbing Gene Wilenius
Robert Merlin Lyckholm Lillian Lou Staak 25 June 1946 Hibbing Gene Wilenius
James Herbert Walters Marilyn Olson 29 September 1947 Hibbing Gene Wilenius
Frederick John Lautizi Margaret Luverne Lyckholm 1948 Chisholm Gene Wilenius
Richard G. Froemming Dolores M. Fryckman 01 January 1948 Chisholm Dee
Jack Darell Walters Marjorie Alex 27 August 1954 Duluth Gene Wilenius
Donald Newman Hazel Mae Wilenius 29 January 1955 Bear River Gene Wilenius
Erland Neis Alto Joyce Nona Wilenius 03 June 1955 Bear River Gene Wilenius
Darell Lee Walters Marilyn Jean Alto 10 August 1957 Hibbing Gene Wilenius
Lewis Harvey Walters Bernice Carrie Scofield 03 November 1962 Chisholm Gene Wilenius
Francis Kenneth Wilcox Carol Joy Woitel 20 April 1963 Kelly Lake Gene Wilenius
Ervin Samuel Bartlett Boneva Wilenius 20 October 1963 Bear River Gene Wilenius
Leslie Earl Walters Anacleta Clara Leibfried 16 October 1966 Chisholm Gene Wilenius
Bruce Edward Beaulieu Judith Ann Zevnick 10 June 1967 Hibbing Gene Wilenius
George Norman Walters Constance Phillips 07 February 1970 Eveleth Gene Wilenius
Thomas Graham Osborne Evelyn Elaine Walters 02 June 1972 Side Lake Gene Wilenius
Frederick William Schirmer Shirley Jean Walters 29 July 1972 Side Lake Gene Wilenius
Dennis Wayne Walters Sandra Jean Wauzynski 07 October 1972 Hibbing Gene Wilenius
Leonard Leo Snyder Leone Esther Wilenius 11 August 1973 Alango Gene Wilenius
Leo Hans Wilenius Junior Harolyn Kae "Lindy" Baumgartner 13ugust 1977 Cook Gene Wilenius
Frederick Zbacnik Evelyn Elaine Walters 02 September 1977 Hibbing Gene Wilenius
Jeffrey Jon Walters Sherri Fimrite 29 October 1977 Hibbing Gene Wilenius
Kris Alan Walters Cheryl Elhardt 25 April 1981 Side Lake Gene Wilenius
David Keith Scofield Leslie Marie Hackley 03 October 1981 Hibbing Gene Wilenius
Leslie Earl Walters Cathy Checco Young November 1987 Hibbing Gene Wilenius
David Eddy Chloette Marie Walters 15 April 1989 Bear River Gene Wilenius
Holland Ray Walters Tiffany Dawn Anderson 28 December 1991 Hibbing Gene Wilenius
William Lehto Angela Bernice Walters 12 September 1992 Bear River Gene Wilenius
Sean Dell Walters Maria Lynn Gregorich 03 August 1993 Chisholm Gene Wilenius
Chad Daryl Walters Sherrie Marie Novak 22 July 1995 Chisholm Gene Wilenius
Silas Earling Walters Diane Alberg 17 August 1996 Hibbing Gene Wilenius
Nathan Adam Schirmer Gina Marie Guidavelli 25 August 2001 Chisholm Gene Wilenius
Dwayne Michael Walters Paulette Cherne 05 October 2002 Eveleth Gene Wilenius


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