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  Big Stone County

Audrey Leonard

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Name File Name Submitted by
BERTNESS, Winnie (Mrs. Marvin) (d.1951) bertnesw.txt Nancy Hoffman
CLIFFORD, Jeremiah Fitzgerald (b.1858 d.1929) (see DYER obit) cliffojf.txt Carol Clifford
DOWNES, John (d.1925) (Abstract of Article) downesj.txt djjdowns
DOWNES, Mrs. John (b.1857 d.1934) (Abstract of Article) downesmj.txt djjdowns
DOWNES, Michael Walter (b.1889 d.1961) downesmw.txt djjdowns
DOWNES, Patrick Joseph (b.1887 d.1918) downespj.txt djjdowns
DYER, Mrs. Catherine (Clifford) (b.1850 d.1902) dyercath.txt Carol Clifford
DYER, David Vincent (b.1881 d.1947) dyerdv.txt Carol Clifford
EATON, Melissa (d.1951) eatonm.txt Nancy Hoffman
ENGDAHL, Rev. Adolph G. (b.1842 d.1918) engdahag.txt Laurie Keller
HAMANN, Arthur Hubert (b.1931 d.2000) hamannah.txt Judy VanVleet
HAMANN, Blaine (b.1960 d.2003) hamannb.txt Judy VanVleet
HAMANN, Carl Fredrick Wilhelm (b.1898 d.1962) hamancfw.txt Judy VanVleet
HAMANN, Marvin Clarance (b.1930 d.1946) hamannmc.txt Judy VanVleet
HAMANN, Meta Kohler (b.1899 d.1988) hamannmk.txt Judy VanVleet
HARRIS, John W. Dr. and Mrs. (d.1951) harrismm.txt Nancy Hoffman
KAERCHER, John (b.1885 d.1951) kaerchej.txt Nancy Hoffman
KELLER, Robert Steven (b.1951 d.1951) kellerrs.txt Nancy Hoffman
KILVINGTON, Charlote (Lottie) (b.1879 d.1951) kilvingc.txt Nancy Hoffman
MAATZ, Minna (BUCK) (b.1863 d.1951) maatzmb.txt Nancy Hoffman
McDONALD, Mrs. John (Ann) (d.1911) mcdonala.txt Georgianna Gray
SCHMIDT, Martin F. (b.1916 d.2002) schmidmf.txt Judy VanVleet
STEFFEN, Charles F. (b.1867 d.1951) steffecf.txt Nancy Hoffman
STRUBE, Helmuth Carl (b.1901 d.1971) strubehc.txt Judy VanVleet
STRUBE, Martha A. strubema.txt Judy VanVleet
ZIELIKE, Frieda Augusta (b.1907 d.1982) zielikfa.txt Judy VanVleet


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