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Blue Earth County

Audrey Leonard

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Name File Name Submitted by
ATCHERSON, Joseph W. (b.1845 d.1930) atcherjw.txt Geoffrey D. Rasmussen
BAILY, Mrs. Elmer (TILDEN) (d.1898) bailyme.txt Eugene Barnes
BARNELL, Vernon (b.1905 d.1995)   (Abstract of Article) barnellv.txt Eugene Barnes
BARNES, Orrin L. (b.1858 d.1938) barnesol.txt Eugene Barnes
BARNES, Mrs. Sarah A. (d.1898) barnessa.txt Eugene Barnes
BAUER, Infant (d.1898) bauerinf.txt Eugene Barnes
BEAN, A. W. (b.1846 d.1898) beanaw.txt Eugene Barnes
BENNETT, A. E. (d.1905) bennetae.txt Lois Eckley
BERG, Mrs. Gust (d.1898) bergmg.txt Eugene Barnes
BLUME, Mrs. William (d.1908) blumemw.txt Eugene Barnes
BOEKE, John Arthur 1918 boeke22gob.txt Joy Fisher
BRADLEY, George M. (d.1899) bradlegm.txt Eugene Barnes
BRADLEY, Mrs. G. R. (d.1938) bradlmgr.txt Eugene Barnes
BRANSTUDER, Marvin (d.1938) branstum.txt Eugene Barnes
BRUELS, Joseph (d.1938) bruelsj.txt Eugene Barnes
BURGESS, Mrs. Sarah (d.1898) burgesms.txt Eugene Barnes
BUSHMAN, Mrs. John (d.1898) bushmamj.txt Eugene Barnes
DAVIES, Catherine (JENSEN) (d.1903) cjdavies.txt Pamela Davies
DAVIS, Henry W. (d.1903) hwdavis.txt Pamela Davies
DAVIES, Hugh (d.1891) hdavies.txt Pamela Davies
DAVIES, Joseph W. (b.1858 d.1907) jwdavies.txt Pamela Davies
DILLEY, Joseph (b.18[32?] d.1905 MN) dilleyjo.txt William Porter
DILLEY, Mrs. Stella Park [nee PARKS] (b.1844 NH d.1901 MN) dilleysp.txt William Porter
EDGERTON, Anna Martha (PARKS) (b.1847 d.1897) edgertam.txt William Porter
FRYE, Eugene (d.1926)  (Abstract of Article) efrye.txt Pamela Davies
FRYE, Hannah [JENSEN] (d.1966) (Abstract of Article) hjfrye.txt Pamela Davies
JENSEN, Christine (GREASON) (b.1857 d.1931) (Abstract of Article) cgjensen.txt Pamela Davies
JENSEN, Fred (b.1896 d.1933) (Abstract of Article) fjensen.txt Pamela Davies
JENSEN, Jens (b.1876 d.1930) (Abstract of Article) jejensen.txt Pamela Davies
JENSEN, John (b.1851 d.1937) (Abstract of Article) jojensen.txt Pamela Davies
LOVELL, Clementine (WHITCOMB) (b.1853 ONT d.1938 MN) lovellcw.txt William Porter
LOVELL, Fredrick Randall (b.1856 WI d.1929 MN) lovellfr.txt William Porter
LOVELL, Stanley Allerton (b.1915 MN d.1925 MN) lovellsa.txt William Porter
NUTT, Mrs. Abigail (d.1917) nuttabig.txt Terry
NUTT, Edward (b.1867 d.1928) nuttedwd.txt Terry
NUTT, Franklin Porter (b.1867 d.1947) nuttfran.txt Terry
NUTT, George Edwin (b.1893 d.1958) nuttgeor.txt Terry
NUTT, Mrs. Margaret (Riley) (b.1866 d.1946) nuttmarg.txt Terry
NUTT, Merritt (b.1847 d.1915) nuttmerr.txt Terry
PARKS, Capt. Elisha Adams (b.1814 NH d.1881 MN) parkscea.txt William Porter
PARKS, Milton Parker (b.1830 NH d.1862 MN) parksmp.txt William Porter
PLEASANTS, Mrs. Robert Monkur (d.1925) (Maude Florence BARNES) pleasamf.txt Eugene Barnes
PORTER, Charles "Charley" (b.1865 d.1901) porterc.txt William Porter
PORTER, Charles Francis (b.1911 d.1911) portercf.txt William Porter
PORTER, Ellen (PARKS) (b.1842 d.1925) porterep.txt William Porter
PORTER, John (b.1822 d.1894) porterj.txt William Porter
PORTER, Mrs. Mary Ann (b.1832 d.1884) porterma.txt William Porter
PORTER, Milton (b.1863 d.1914) porterm.txt William Porter
PORTER, Miner (b.1820 d.1903) portermi.txt William Porter
PORTER, Miss Nettie Julia (b.1860 d.1929) porternj.txt William Porter
PRATT, Chelsea C. (Dr.) (b.1877 d.1924) prattcc.txt Eugene Barnes


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