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 Brown County

Audrey Leonard

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Name File Name Submitted by
ALBRECHT, Mrs. Herman J. (Mary KNEES) (b.1870 d.1945) albremhj.txt Pamela Kebis
ALWIN, Mrs. Emma (Wilhelmina STRATE) (b.1865 d.1949) alwines.txt Pamela Kebis
ARMSTEAD, Mrs. Ellen (GENT) (b.1887 d.1980) (Abstract of Article) armsteae.txt Carol Schuster
BARTH, Mrs. Henry (Johanna Krause) (b.1876 d.1953) barthmhj.txt Pamela Kebis
BAUMANN, Anton (b.1871 d.1955) baumana.txt Jane White
BAUMANN, Clara (Hillesheim) (b.1861 d.1938) baumanch.txt Jane White
BEECHER, James Swain (d.1918) beecher3gob.txt Joy Fisher
BERDAN, Alice Frances (Schwantes) (b.1926 d.2005) (Photo) berdanaf.txt Judy Clarke
BERG, Mrs. John (Mary PROKOSCH) (b.1870 d.1959) bergmj.txt Pamela Kebis
BERTRAND, Ambrose J. (b.1909) (Abstract of Article) bertraaj.txt Carol Schuster
BRAND, Mrs. Philomena (Kachelmeier) (b.1844 d.1932) brandmp.txt Pamela Kebis
BRUESS, Clement (b.1905 d.abt 1977) (Abstract of Article) bruesscl.txt Carol Schuster
BRUESS, Cora (b.1888 d.1978) (Abstract of Article) bruessco.txt Carol Schuster
BRUESS, Frank (b.1892 d.1978) (Abstract of Article) bruessf.txt Carol Schuster
BRUESS, Mildred B. (b.1908 d.1967)   (Funeral Card) bruessmb.txt Carol Schuster
CUNNINGHAM, Mrs. Lillie (b.1889 d.1978) (Abstract of Funeral Card) cunninml.txt Carol Schuster
DORN, Mrs. Philip (Mary Jutz) (b.1884 d.1950) dornmpmj.txt Pamela Kebis
FENSKE, Mrs. Harold (Edna Knees) (b.1898 d.1984) fenskemh.txt Pamela Kebis
FIEBIGER, Mrs. Lydia (Schewe) (b.1897 d.1978) (Funeral Card) fiebigml.txt Carol Schuster
FISCHER, Lilly Bertha (MASSEY) (b.1911 d.2005) fischelb.txt Patrick Walden
FRITON, Ellsworth Otto (b.1903 d.1998) (Abstract of Funeral Card) fritoneo.txt Carol Schuster
GAREIS, John , Sr. (d.1910) gareisjo.txt Pamela Kebis
GUHLKE, Mrs. John (Kunze) (b.1896 d.abt 1971) (Abstract of Article) guhlkemj.txt Carol Schuster
HAHSELBRUCK, Mrs. Henry (Caroline Schnobrich) (d.1948) hahselmh.txt Pamela Kebis
HILLESHEIM, Anton (b.1855 d.1938) hillesha.txt Jane White
HOSE, Mrs. Lora (Remus) (b.1898 d.1978) (Funeral Card) hosemlr.txt Carol Schuster
HOSE, Walter (b.1894 d.1976) (Abstract of Article) hosewalt.txt Carol Schuster
HUELSKAMP, Mrs. Theresa (Kachelmeier) (b.1837 d.1924) huelskmt.txt Pamela Kebis
HUHN, Joseph Sr. (b.1869 d.1929) huhnjs.txt Laura Morrow
INHOFER, George (b.1840 d.1915) inhoferg.txt Pamela Kebis
INHOFER, Mrs. George (Mickels) (b.1853 d.1943) inhofemg.txt Pamela Kebis
INHOFER, John H. (b.1882 d.1951) inhofejh.txt Pamela Kebis
INHOFER, Louis A. (b.1884 d.1946) inhofela.txt Pamela Kebis
JOHANNES, Mrs. Peter (Mary RISING) (b.1858 d.1921) johannmp.txt Pamela Kebis
JUNI, Mrs. Herman (Johanna Frances STRATE) (b.1874 d.1944) junifs.txt Pamela Kebis
JUTZ, John (b.1855 d.1929) jutzjohn.txt Pamela Kebis
JUTZ, Mrs. Nick (Jennie Berger) (d.1914) jutzmnjb.txt Pamela Kebis
KIESLING, Friedrich W.(William) fwkobit.txt Donnel Shaw
KISSNER, Roger W. (b.1844 d.1991) (Abstract of Article) kissnerr.txt Carol Schuster
KLUVER, William R. (b.1907 d.1963) (Abstract of Article) kluverwr.txt Carol Schuster
KNEES, Albert (b.1863 d.1930) kneesal.txt Pamela Kebis
KNEES, Mrs. Albert (Emma WIEDENMANN) (d.1929) kneesma.txt Pamela Kebis
KNEES, Bernhard (b.1860 d.1916) kneesber.txt Pamela Kebis
KNEES, Ella (b.1893 d.1978) kneesell.txt Pamela Kebis
KNEES, Mrs. Henry (Rosa GAREIS) (b.1862 d.1940) kneesmh.txt Pamela Kebis
KNEES, Valentine Fred (b.1898 d.1927) kneesvf.txt Pamela Kebis
KNEES, Harvey (b.1892 d.1989) kneeshar.txt Pamela Kebis
KNEES, Henry (b.1871 d.1937) kneesh.txt Pamela Kebis
KNEES, Hertha (Kunigunde) (b.1895 d.1985) kneeshk.txt Pamela Kebis
KNEES, Philip (b.1854 d.1942) kneesp.txt Pamela Kebis
KRAUSE, Henry (b.1824 d.1894) krauseh.txt Pamela Kebis
KRAUSE, Julius (b.1850 d.1936) krausej.txt Pamela Kebis
KRIENKE, Walter August (b.1898 d.1961) (Abstract of Article) krienkwa.txt Carol Schuster
MAGNUS, William (b.1855 d.1929) magnuswm.txt Pamela Kebis
MAGNUS, Mrs. William (Martha Gareis) (b.1856 d.1937) magnusmw.txt Pamela Kebis
MAIDL, Ida (Bartl) (b.1887 d.1984) maidlida.txt Pamela Kebis
MATHIOWETZ, Ruth (WALDEN) (b.1914 d.2004) mathiorw.txt Patrick Walden
MAUCH, Mrs. Margaret (b.1836 d.1925) mauchmm.txt Laura
MECKLENBURG, Mrs. Emma (Knees) (b.1865 d.1950) meckleme.txt Pamela Kebis
MOLL, Conrad (b.1844 d.1936) mollconr.txt Carol Schuster
MOLL, Carolina (Essig) (b.1848 d.1932) mollce.txt Laura Morrow
MOLL, Daniel Sr. (b.1841 d.1923) mollds.txt Laura Morrow
MOLL, Ervin Edward (b.1883 d.1949)  (Abstract of Article) mollee.txt Carol Schuster
MOLL, Mrs. Esther (b.1892 d.1968)   (Funeral Card) mollme.txt Carol Schuster
MOLL, Henry Sr. (b.1834 d.1929) mollhsr.txt Laura
MOLL, Lloyd C. (b.1906 d.abt 1958) (Abstract of Article) molllc.txt Carol Schuster
MOLL, Minnie (Lendt) (b.1889 d.1979) (Abstract of Article) mollml.txt Carol Schuster
MURPHY, Alice M. (Dohrmann) (b.1914 d.1998) (Abstract of Funeral Card) murphyam.txt Carol Schuster
NISWANDER, Mrs. Viola (b.1883 d.abt 1971) (Abstract of Article) niswanmv.txt Carol Schuster
PAGE, Mrs. Frances of Minneapolis, Henn. Co. pageobit.txt Donnel Shaw
PARKS, Mrs. Andrew (Hulda Petry) (b.1877 d.1943) parkshp.txt Pamela Kebis
PETERSON, Rodney Russell (b.1941 d.1981) (Abstract of Article) petersrr.txt Carol Schuster
PETRY, Armand (b.1873 d.1955) petryarm.txt Pamela Kebis
PETRY, Arthur C. (b.1875 d.1925) petrya.txt Pamela Kebis
PETRY, Chas. E. (d.1878) petryce.txt Pamela Kebis
PETRY, Eduard (b.1868 d.1906) petryed.txt Pamela Kebis
PETRY, Henry J. (d.1939) petryhj.txt Pamela Kebis
PETRY, Jacob (b.1832 d.1906) petryj.txt Pamela Kebis
PETRY, Robert J. (b.1880 d.1926) petryrj.txt Pamela Kebis
PEUSCHEL, Bruno J. (b.1855 d.1930) peuschbj.txt Pamela Kebis
POTTER, Harold (b.1909 d.1995) (Abstract of Funeral Card) potterh.txt Carol Schuster
PREISINGER, Mrs. Anton (Frances Bartl) (b.1876 d.1953) preisima.txt Pamela Kebis
PUCHNER, Joseph G. (b.1898 d.1979) puchnerj.txt Pamela Kebis
RADKE, Mrs. Otto (Emilie Werner) (b.1873 d.1915) radkemo.txt Pamela Kebis
RAVERTY, Mary (JOHNSON) (b.1869 d.1939) ravertym.txt Patrick Walden
REMUS, Mrs. Dave (Fern Gregg) (b.1908 d.1976) (Abstract of Article) remusmfg.txt Carol Schuster
SASSE, Daniel F. (b.1906 d.1998) (Abstract of Article) sassedf.txt Carol Schuster
SASSE, Lawrence E. (b.1900 d.1980) (Abstract of Article) sasselaw.txt Carol Schuster
SASSE, Milton (b.1896) (Abstract of Article) sassemil.txt Carol Schuster
SCHEWE, Mrs. Charles (Clarice Schwartz) (b.1939 d.1980 (Abstract of Article) schewemc.txt Carol Schuster
SCHEWE, Esther A. (b.1894 d.1968) scheweea.txt Carol Schuster
SCHEWE, Stanley (b.1916 d.1980) (Abstract of Article) schewest.txt Carol Schuster
SCHNOBRICH, Joseph (b.1868 d.1950) schnobrj.txt Pamela Kebis
SCHOEDER, Mrs. Herman (Anna Marie Wagner) (b.1874 d.1946) Memorial Card schoedmh.txt Pamela Kebis
SCHULTZ, Albert Benjamin ("Ben") (b.1882 d.1926) schultab.txt Carol Schuster
SCHULTZ, Gustave (b.1841 d.1926) schultzg.txt Carol Schuster
SCHULTZ, John J. (b.1871 d.1937) (Abstract of Article) schultjj.txt Carol Schuster
SCHWARTZ, Franklin A. "Butz" (b.1915 d.1993) (Abstract of Article) schwarfa.txt Carol Schuster
SOUKUP, Mrs. Victor (Agnes Berg) (b.1905 d.1944) soukupmv.txt Pamela Kebis
SPECKMAN, Mrs. Erma (Geske) (b.1889 d.1977) (Abstract of Article) speckmeg.txt Carol Schuster
SPRENGER, Mrs. Bertha (Gareis) (d.1945) sprengmb.txt Pamela Kebis
STRATE, August S. (b.1863 d.1933) strateas.txt Pamela Kebis
STRATE, Frederick (b.1830 d.1915) stratef.txt Pamela Kebis
STRATE, Fredericka (LAMMERS) (d.1934) stratefl.txt Pamela Kebis
STRATE, Louis Adolph (b.1880 d.1928) stratela.txt Pamela Kebis
TAUER, George A. (b.1865 d.1940) tauerga.txt Jane White
TAUER, Mrs. George A. (Katherine Stadick) (b.1865 d.1950)


Jane White
TODNEM, I. A. (b.1888) (Abstract of Article) todnemia.txt Carol Schuster
VETTER, Mrs. Pauline (Fesenmaier) (b.1859 d.1939) vettermp.txt Jane White
WALDEN, James (b.1876 d.1956) waldenj.txt Patrick Walden
WATSCHKE, Arthur C. (b.1897) (Abstract of Article) watschac.txt Carol Schuster
WIEDENMANN, George (b.1868 d.1936) wiedenge.txt Pamela Kebis
WIEDENMANN, Miss Katie (b.1876 d.1918) wiedenmk.txt Pamela Kebis
WIEDENMANN, Miss Lena (b. 1865 d.1948) wiedenml.txt Pamela Kebis
WIEDENMANN, Paul (b.1872 d.1935) wiedenmp.txt Pamela Kebis
WIEDENMANN, Mrs. Paul (Rickie Gareis) (b.1873 d.1953) wiedenrg.txt Pamela Kebis
WIENER, Rev. W. H. (b.1889 d.1976) (Abstract of Article) wienerwh.txt Carol Schuster
WILFAHRT, Mrs. John Sr. (Barbara Portner) (b.1867 d.1937) wilfahrb.txt Pamela Kebis
WINDHORN, August (b.1858 d.1939) windhora.txt Pamela Kebis
WINDHORN, Hugo (b.1883 d.1951) windhorh.txt Pamela Kebis
WINDHORN, Mrs. Julia Augusta (SCHWARTZ) (b.1860 d.1941) windhojs.txt Pamela Kebis
WORATSCHKA, Simon (b.1848 d.1927) woratscs.txt Pamela Kebis


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