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Goodhue  County

Audrey Leonard

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Name FIle Name Submitted by
ALBERS, Johann (John) (b.1821 d.1893) Zumbrota Township albersjo.txt Brenda (Schreyer) Wiech
BERGMAN, Mrs. Christine (b.1876 d.1929) (Also known as Christine Hanson Noreen Bergman) bergmanc.txt Heather Shepard
BRUBER, Mrs. Emily (JOHNSON) (b.1834 d.1908) bruberme.txt Velma Hansen
BRUBER, Frank (b.1827 d.1894) bruberf.txt Velma Hansen
BRUBER, Iona (d.1909) bruberi.txt Velma Hansen
BRUBER, Joseph (d.1919) bruberj.txt Velma Hansen
BRUBER, Mrs. Joseph (Ruth) (b.1873 d.1914) brubermr.txt Velma Hansen
BRUBER, Mrs. Mina (WARD) (d.1934) brubermw.txt Velma Hansen
BRUBER, Oscar (d.1904) brubero.txt Velma Hansen
BRUBER, Mrs. Oscar W. (Fannie WARD) (b.1862 d.1899) bruberfw.txt Velma Hansen
BRUBER, son (d.1894) brubers.txt Velma Hansen
BRUBER, Theodore (d.1936) brubert.txt Velma Hansen
FOGELSON, Bennett (b.1827 d.1918) fogelsob.txt Jeff Babcock
FOGELSON, Mrs. Bennett (Wilhemenia Engel) (b.1841 d.1902) fogelswe.txt Jeff Babcock
HANSON, Andrew (b.1846 d.1915) hansona.txt Heather Shepard
HANSON, Mrs. Enga E. (d.1919) (AKA Inga Carrie Johnson Hansen) hansonee.txt Heather Shepard
JOHNSON, Andrew N. (b.1866) (Also known as Andrew Nelson/Nilsson Johnson) johnsoan.txt Heather Shepard
JOHNSON, Ida Margaret (b.1864 d. 1950) johnsoim.txt Heather Shepard
PETERSON, Mrs J. W. (nee Carrie JOHNSON) (b.1850 d.1940)   (Abstract of Article) johnsmjw.txt Laurie Keller
JOHNSON, Mrs. Mathilda (BRUBER) (b.1857 d.1923) johnsomb.txt Velma Hansen
PETERSON, Peter J., (b.1806 d.1896) peterspj.txt Laurie Keller
PETERSON, J. W., (b.1838 d.1916) petersjw.txt Laurie Keller
POST, Orlando B. (b.1836 d.1900) postob.txt Lynn
VINING, David H. (d.1894) viningdh.txt Irene Clough Hahn
VINING, Mrs. D.H. (Roxy) (b.1819 d.1874) viningr.txt Irene Clough Hahn
WARD, Israel H. (d.1888) wardih.txt Velma Hansen
WARD, Mrs. Israel H. (Nancy M.) (d.1866) wardnm.txt Velma Hansen
WARD, Mrs. Jane H. (d.1892) wardmjh.txt Velma Hansen
WARD, Reuben S. (d.1874) wardrs.txt Velma Hansen
WARD, Mrs. Reuben S. (Annie E.) (b.1838 d.1887) wardmrs.txt Velma Hansen
WARD, Samuel H. (b.1831 d.1897) wardsh.txt Velma Hansen
WIGDAHL, Mrs. G. O. (b.1879) (Also known as Hilda Gunilla Hanson Bork Wigdahl) wigdamgo.txt Heather Shepard



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