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  Houston County

Audrey Leonard

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Name FIle Name Submitted by
ALMQUIST, Ellen Olson ALMQUIST (b.1866) (Abstract of Article) eoalmqui.txt Susan Wilson
ANFINSDATTER, Margit (Mrs. Tosten OLSON) (b.1839) maolson.txt Susan Wilson
HOEL, Mrs. Christina Christopherson Kampstad cckhoel.txt JBell
GALLIVAN, Mrs. Jeremiah (Margaret CASHMAN) (d.1898) gallivmj.txt PtFeid
HAYES, Edward Sr. (d.1907) hayeses.txt PtFeid
HAYES, Mrs. Johanna (KEEFE) (d.1916) hayesmj.txt PtFeid
HAYES, Mrs. Timothy (Laura GALLIVAN) (b.1875 d.1922) hayeslg.txt PtFeid
OLSON, Tosten (b.1833 d.1918) tolson.txt Susan Wilson
OMODT, Karine (PEDERSEN) (1872-1955)  (Mrs. Wm OMODT) omodtkar.txt Harrison Benjamin
OMODT, Knudt (1839-1925) omodtknu.txt Harrison Benjamin
OMODT, Martha (BIRKELAND) (1816-1911)   (Mrs. Ole OMODT) omodtmar.txt Harrison Benjamin
OMODT, Ole (1808-1892) omodtole.txt Harrison Benjamin
OMODT, William (1850-1933) omodtwm.txt Harrison Benjamin


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