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"After reiterated menaces, Mexico has passed the boundary of the United States, has invaded our territory and shed American blood upon the American Soil. She has proclaimed that hostilities have commenced, and that the two nations are at war." - U.S. President James K. Polk, May 11, 1846


Gee, [Miles] Maryland, 1820-1897, Mexican War Pension No. 10260, ERATH COUNTY, contributed by Bobby Wadsworth
Holley, Calvin (widow Elizabeth Holley), PENSION, LOGAN COUNTY, contributed by Jeanine Bass
Phelan, James M., Pension Certificate No. 9154, CLAY COUNTY, contributed by Glenda Womack


Index to Record of Service of Connecticut Men Who Served in Regular Army MEXICAN WAR compiled from rosters on file in Adjutant's Office
Washington, D.C. HARTFORD, 1889. Contributed by Paul Petersen


Ashley, Joel C. (widow Mary A. F. Ashley), PENSION, CARROLL COUNTY, contributed by Candace
Cooper, Isaac (widow), PENSION, DADE COUNTY, contributed by D. K. Pritchett
Durham, Mary L. Patton, Wife of 1) John S. Patton and 2) William W. Durham, WIDOW'S PENSION, COWETA COUNTY, contributed by Lillie Ruby
McMath, Joseph, PENSION, also WIDOW"S PENSION (Mary), SUMTER COUNTY, contributed by Nancy G. Mann
McGregor, John A., PENSION, BAKER COUNTY, contributed by John Davis


Phelan, James M. (see Arkansas)
Waldon, George (see Kansas)
Wheat, Levi (widow Amanda), PENSION, SHELBY COUNTY, contributed by John Evans

MACON COUNTY in the Mexican War, contributed by Pat Hageman
STATEWIDE - THE MEXICAN WAR, contributed by Joy Fisher



McClain, Thomas, Private 2nd Regiment Illinois Volunteers, PENSION, POLK COUNTY, contributed by Marilyn Morgan


Waldon, George, PENSION, RUSSELL COUNTY, contributed by Carl L. Glover


Reid, James Washington (Sr.), PENSION, CLAY COUNTY, contributed by Rich Nallenweg
Thurman, Charles W., PENSION, GALLATIN COUNTY, contributed by Deborah Parks
Webb, James L. (wife Letitia), PENSION, SHELBY COUNTY, contributed by Penny Webb Boszor


King, Joseph, ENLISTMENT RECORD, DESOTO PARISH, contributed by Gaytha Carver Thompson
McClain, Thomas (see Iowa)


Lemons, Isaac (widow Hester), PENSION, FRANKLIN COUNTY, contributed by David Samuelsen
Menefee, Richard (widow Mary Ann), PENSION, POLK COUNTY, contributed by Henry Morris


Bartlett, Jesse, PENSION, GREENE COUNTY, contributed by Dan Jackson


The Columbus Cadets, 1846-1848, ROLL CALL, FRANKLIN COUNTY, contributed by LeaAnn Rich
Goble, Silas (widow Elizabeth), PENSION, SUMMIT COUNTY, contributed by Bonnie


Lemons, Isaac (widow Hester), see Missouri


Kime, Martin (widow Cynthia Ann Bell), Pension Application not approved, NORTHAMPTON COUNTY,
contributed by William Hampton Adams

Fayette County Volunteers, contributed by M. Burns

Mexican War Soldiers Listed on the Ebensburg War Memorial, Ebensburg, CAMBRIA COUNTY,
contributed by Diann Olsen & Lynne Canterbury


Rector, David M. (widow Sarah), PENSION, JACKSON COUNTY, contributed by Mitzi P. Freeman
Rector, David M., PENSION, JACKSON COUNTY, contributed by Mitzi P. Freeman
Rhoads, Cullen, PENSION, MACON COUNTY, contributed by Susan Hill
Rhoads, Cullen (widow Julia Ann), PENSION, SUMNER COUNTY, contributed by Susan Hill
Satterfield, Lucinda, LAND WARRANT, GRAINGER COUNTY, contributed by Michael Satterfield


Ashley, Joel C. (widow Mary A. F. Ashley) See Georgia
Bunt, Zebah (widow Susan I.), PENSION, SOMERVELL COUNTY, contributed by Tracy Spurlock
Crabtree, Mark, PENSION, BOSQUE COUNTY, contributed by Mary Lu Johnson
Durham, William, (widow Mary L. Patton) See Georgia
Durham, William Washington, PENSION, CHEROKEE COUNTY, contributed by
Lillie Ruby
Durham, William, MUSTER ROLL, CHEROKEE COUNTY, contributed by Lillie Ruby
Gee, [Miles] Maryland
(See Arkansas)
Miller, Hezekiah Thomas, PENSION, LAMAR COUNTY, contributed by Barbara Ferrell
RUSK COUNTY, ROSTERS, contributed by Bonnie Palmer


Robinson, Col. William Wallace, RUTLAND COUNTY, contributed by Jan Jordan


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